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Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms, everywhere, for everything you do!🌸🌹

Today is her day. She, who doesn't sleep until you're home, even when the sun is already rising. 
She, who turns a simple cold into a third world war, who tells you to clean your room because she's not your maid, but when you return home everything is tidy and in its place. 
She, who won't let you leave home until you finish your breakfast. Who tells you, "You're not everyone." when you compare yourself to other people.

Today is her day, the person who used to tell me to always take a coat with me because it might get cold later. 
The person who taught me to see the good side of bad things, because it's easier to face life when you see the glass half full.
Today is her day. 
She was by my side in all situations, telling me what I needed to hear even when it's not what I want to hear. 
She held me so that I could keep standing when my knees hurt and I couldn't stand anymore. 
She believed in my dreams as if they were hers, told me to continue fighting for everything I wanted even when I no longer put so much faith in me. 
Even when she disagreed with everything I was doing, continued by my side.

Today is her day. 
She taught me what it is to be a woman with a capital "W", to fight for myself and not let anyone making me think that I'm weak and I can't do something because I am a female.
Today is her day, my rock, my love, my shelter, the tight embrace I needed when the world got too cruel.

Today is her day, which should be everyday to make up for all love we forget to give her sometimes.
Today is your day, and only God knows how grateful I am to be raised by someone like you. Sorry for all the times I shut my bedroom's door at you and I didn't listen to you, deep down I knew you were right, you were, always. Sorry for all the fights too, I know that everything you wanted is just to see me happy. Sorry for not always helping you, for not always listening, for not always being the daughter you deserved to have. Sorry for the nights you stayed up all night, waiting for my fever to go down. Sorry for not noticing that you weren't okay, that you were tired. Sorry for ignoring all the signs that was showing me that you were getting weaker and weaker everyday. Sorry for not being there when you needed me the most. For letting you alone when your heart started beating too fast. Sorry for getting home too late.

Today is your day and I wish you were here, so we could celebrate together. Thank you for showing me that nothing is stronger than love. And most of all, thank you for giving me your love, that it's so pure and true, without ever expecting anything in return. Thanks for making me who I am today.

Today is your day, mom. Thank you for everything.


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