Israk Mikraj

The story of Prophet Muhammad's journey from the City of Mecca to Al-Aqsa Mosque. The events of Israk and the Mikraj of His Prophet Muhammad were a great test of Allah SWT for His servants. It is so unique that it overcomes the thinking of ordinary humans. This is because the distance is approximately 1,250 kilometers.

It is as if the words of Saidina Abu Bakr RA's great confession on the morning of Prophet Muhammad came to earth after he was taken down from the Mikraj. Abu Jahal joked to Saidina Abu Bakr RA, "Do you believe that while traveling normally takes months, this is your best friend to say Israk and Mikraj in just one night?".

Then with full confidence, Saidina Abu Bakr answered firmly,

In the sense, "If Muhammad had said so, I would have believed, even if it went beyond that." In the expression of the Prophet's words, Saidina Abu Bakr was given the title of As-Siddiq.

Allah Almighty shows His power by bringing great distances, presenting events in the sight of the eyes and granting the selective confidence of all the events of the greatest events in the history of the world, Israk and Mikraj.

At first Allah ordered the establishment of 50 times, but the Messenger of Allah demanded that the prayer be reduced to five times a day as it is today. This event is a great miracle given to our Prophet Muhammad because there has never been a human being on this earth who has traveled that way.

He was not only transported from Al-Haram Mosque (in Mecca) to Al-Aqsa Mosque (in Palestine) but His Messenger was elevated to Sidratul Muntaha, which passed through the 7th heaven.

Prior to the occurrence of Israk Mikraj, the Prophet faced many difficult trials, especially with great opposition in his preaching efforts.

The recent occurrence of the Corona Virus or Covic-19 pandemic could also be considered one of God's great tests of human belief. A sudden illness is as fast as a hurricane, "tetapi perginya terlebih perlahan daripada perjalanan seekor semut yang melata."

The belief of Muslims is only one. All diseases come from Allah SWT and hold fast to the Hadith of His Prophet Muhammad: in the sense of Every disease there is a cure except death. These are two of the great things that test the extent to which mankind's confidence in His power and His mercy is upon this creature. When Allah Almighty tests all people with various tests, He bestows His Blessings on those who believe in Him and fulfills all His requirements with good taste, comfort and happiness.

May we be among those who have suffered from the torment of suffering. We are included in the group that defines the word As-Siddiq. Aamiin.


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