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Have you ever seen a Western drama that has an English style of eating? It must be a fairytale story if we can have one right? However, most people do not know that there are places that they can go to have high tea in an English style with high class! Here are some high tea shops that I can share with you.

1. Twg Tea

This restaurant is originally from Singapore and they are expanding widely in Malaysia. SO, have you tasted TWG tea? TWG tea is the finest luxury tea brand that brings out the high class feeling as the tea is being poured into your glass! They basically use 100% natural ingredients as their raw material to make their pastries. Other than that, they are also innovating the concept of tea-infused patisseries that outburst the amazing taste of their foods. Each TWG Tea patisserie is crafted and delivered by hand to ensure the finest quality is served to their customers. The TWG Tea has a mix of theme for their restaurant, with the mixture of a French classic, vintage and royal look that gives a classical high tea experience. Their chef makes sure that there are no mistakes in the process of making their pastries as their objectives are to create ethereal desires where they are producing gastronomic images that are as delicious as they are fleeting to bring you back, time and again to the tea table and nostalgic moments of past.

Other than that, their way of pouring the tea looks very exclusive as the tea must be filtered using their unique and classic Royal style filter. This surely brings a perfect taste!

If you go to TWG Tea restaurant, it surely won’t be complete without having their macaroon! Try some!

2. Laduree

This is a place that would be perfect for you if you want a perfect self-moment for yourself. This restaurant gives you an impeccable feeling where you will feel like in love. The founder of Ladurée is Louis Ernest Ladurée and it all began when Louis Ernest Ladurée, a miller from France’s southwest, created a bakery in Paris at 16 rue Royale. This happened when Jeanne Souchard which is Louis Ernest Ladurée’s wife, had an idea of mixing styles which are The Parisian café style and pastry shop style. These combinations gave birth to one of the first tea salons in town. Hence, experiencing high tea in Ladurée will surely take you over the moon.

Picture credited to

As for their macaroon, there is the story behind it where Pierre Desfontaines, who had a thought of taking two macaroon shells and joining them with a delicious ganache filling. So, their macaroon is a bit different.

3. Gravy baby

Gravy Baby is a restaurant that is basically renowned for their interior design where they are actually combining a hot chick style with a modern style. In this place, people usually come to take photos as their restaurant's design layout is very unique. A big vanity mirror is placed in the middle of their restaurant and really act like their centre of attraction.

If you go to this restaurant, make sure to taste their waffle! Other than that their pastries are all decorated with nice arts and decoration. Here some pictures for you to see.

4. San Terri

When you're at San Terri, the most special thing that you have to try would be their high tea set. It is usually served with custard pancakes, egg sandwich, pastry tarts or cakes. As for their tea, customers can pick which tea herb flavour that they like to put in their tea. They have 9 different flavours on their menu for us to choose from, each one has a different taste and smell.

As for their cakes, the green tea is one of the best sellers and it is actually the signature of San Terri. It uses premium green tea powder and is done with a good balance of sweetness. The decoration of their pastries is gorgeous. 

5. Wonder milk

In Wonder milk, their hot seller is their cupcakes. Their cupcake is well known for all sorts of flavours and designs to satisfy our customers’ needs. Most of their customers take their cakes because their cakes or cupcakes are suitable and popular for birthdays, get-togethers, special occasions as well as everyday celebrations and popular festivals.

Alright, that's all I can share with all of you for now. So, don’t think that we cannot have high tea experiences because it is not so famous in Malaysia but if you ever feel like you want to try it maybe once in your life, you can try this suggestion. Happy trying! 


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