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Have you ever craved on having an impeccable Hari Raya Aidilfitri? If yes, here are some tips for you before your trip to your village. In Malay there’s a proverb that mentions “sediakan payung sebelum hujan” and it’s really efficient when you already have everything while travelling. Prepare everything so that you will feel easy every time you travel especially for a long journey. Hence, with Hari Raya around the corner, don’t forget to carry the most crucial things that you need anywhere you go. Here’s some items that you might need it in your bag.


Nowadays, power bank is no longer a strange word to the public. It’s actually a hot potato topic where people will do research on the best power bank by using words-of-mouth or by searching the information in the digital media platform before they buy it as they are inquisitive to know the best power bank that can give lots of benefits. So, it’s pivotal for you to have one as if you are travelling in a long journey especially if you are taking public transport to travel! 


This is an option if you don’t have a powerbank to supply power to your phone and you are driving to your village. Car phone usb charger is the best choice as you can charge your phone while driving. It’s like killing two birds with one stone.


Travelling can be tiring and the easiest way to ease your mind is by playing phone. However, focusing too much on your phone can make your eyes tired and hence can give you headache. In this time, you might need headache pill such as Panadol to relieve your pain. In addition, if you have any dizziness while sitting in the car or bus, you might need medicated oil or what we called as “minyak angin” to relieve your dizziness. In conclusion, prepare your medication or emergency kit whenever you travel in a long distance.


By bringing wet tissue or tissue in your bag, you can avoid the entire misfortune thing that happened while you’re eating in the middle of your journey. It is better to be prepared at all times. Nevertheless, tissue or wet tissues have lots of other benefits for you to use it.

Inevitable of bad weather that can happen anytime also one of the reasons for you to bring you own umbrella anywhere you go especially when you go for a long journey. To be safe, bring the folding umbrella where you can fit it in your bag. Oh ya, for gents, don’t worry if people are saying you not gentlemen if you are carrying an umbrella with you. Trust me, people can talk but at the end it's your health and not them. Put your health as the main priority in your life because you will feel hopeless without a fine health.


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