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The Parkson Fashion Spotlight 2016 @ Pavilion KL

Recently, Parkson presented the Parkson Fashion Spotlight 2016 at the Pavilion Pitstop Fashion Report 2016. The fashion show made its debut at the annual fashion show case in conjunction with the Formula 1 Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix. During the highly amazing show, the audience was treated to a fascinating plethora of collection from nine brands that are distributed exclusively specially by Parkson.  The brands that involved were French Connection, Trucco, The Class, Daphne, Pepe Jeans, SPAO, MIXXO, WHO.A.U and Shoopen. The selected collections from the brands combined to make the fashion show a meticulously joyful one as it possesses everything that one can think of from stylish exquisite pieces and comfortable casual wear to bags and accessories. The amazing thing is the songstress of DE'FAM performed at the Pavilion Pitstop Fashion Report 2016 too and absolutely put on a good show! So, what are you waiting for guys? French Connection Trucco, The

Deepavali around the world

Deepavali or also known as Diwali is a crucial Hindu festival celebrated during the month of Kartika (October-November). It is a five-day festival celebrated by millions of Hindus, Sikhs and Jains all over the world. The actual day of Diwali is traditionally celebrated on the festival’s third day, which this year falls on October 29, Saturday.  Deepa means “light” while Avali means “row”. According to Chandra (2001), Deepavali is the celebration of the victorious return of Lord Rama together with his consort, Sita to the kingdom of Ayodhya, after the elimination Ravana, King of Ceylon or Sri Lanka in the 15 th century BC where the main theme is the triumph of light over darkness as well as good over evil. During the celebration, people light rows of small candles or oil lamps along balconies and windows to welcome Lord Rama and Sita home. The glow of lights, whether vilakku (oil lamps fashioned out clay), or colourful electric bulbs, brighten up the house of both rich and poo

Colorful Wedding Dress - Trend For 2017

Are you going to get married soon? Have you picked the color of your wedding dress yet? You know that wedding ceremony is a joyous occasion which only happens once in a lifetime. So, no wonder if the wedding dress is one of the most important aspects of a wedding especially the choice of colors as it is seen as a symbol and a sign of your marriage. If you're feeling so much depressed to find the wedding dress of your dreams that you think you may be going crazy, don't worry as we're gonna help you out. We give what we can. Do you know that the trend for colorful wedding dress is still ongoing and even gaining ground?According to Relaxnews , colourful element has been chosen by brides today to break the tradition or to convey creativity and originality for their big day. the trend of colors for grey, purple, pink and blue are highly in great demand, this is because brides-to-be are often motivated by the desire to be and look different on their meaningful day. Thi

Kiss me quick and make it last

People say the shape of your lipstick expresses a lot about your personality. Unfortunately, most women today don't even bother about their lips shape, their most attractive part of her body! Do you know the shape of your lipstick reveals who you really are? It's time for a change girls! Here are the advice and tips specially for you on how to get the perfect lips in just six simple steps. Your lips deserve to be appreciated.   Exfoliate: Do you know that your lips are more sensitive than you think? Sometimes you get sunburn on your lips or maybe dry even worse, your lips get painfully cracked way too often. Hence, it is recommended for you to exfoliate your lips to make them smooth, finishing off with a lip balm. Don't forget to give your lips one last touch up with lip balm.  Prime: Primer is totally recommended for you as a support for the lipstick. It helps your lipstick to stay longer. It is also good in covering up any wrinkles and crinkles on you

The Manhattan Fish Market’s Greatest Hits

Good news to seafood lover! You will be happy with this news because Manhattan Fish Market (MFM) has brought back its Greatest Hits promotion that highlights the tastiest combinations of fish, prawns, calamari, crabs, oysters and much more! I'm here to tell you to promote you will be amazed that this luscious MFM's Greatest Hits tastes so good! So, here you go! There is an option of Swinging Singles for solo diners, Delightful duos for couples and Fabulous Fours for family and friends. The highlights of this year’s Greatest Hits have to be the French Waltz, which is from the Fabulous Fours. Both these combos come together with the French Crab platter. If you’re a crab lover, then you should try this one dish which is quite different from the ones you usually get at local restaurants. Trust me, this recipe is wonderful, you really taste the crab. You know you're drooling now! The French crab has a much harder shell and thus, it is recommended you

It's all about food @ the Curve

Malaysia’s reputation as a must-see destination relies hugely on its food! The best the country has to offer is its plethora of traditional food. Not eating its traditional food is like missing the crucial part of the national identity. Good news for the world and Malaysian food lovers! The Curve is gonna held its annual food fest called “A Giant Bite of Happy”! You will be able to delight and “snap happy” against gigantic three dimensional backdrop of all-time favourite snacks and foods that dress the mall’s Centre Court. Due to last year’s Food Fest was a success, The Curve decided to organise it again this year.   Some of the displays will make fun and bizarre shots featuring enormous sushi-rolls and extra-large cookies as well as cupcakes, among others. There are plethora of local and international cuisine that transforms The Curve’s Centre Court into a food lover’s haven! You’re gonna be immersed in Nasi Beriyani , Mee Rebus, Pasembor and other popular