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The Fantastical Beauty of Korea

Annyeonghaseyo! If you’re a Korean fan and never get enough of South Korean culture and products. Then, you should immerse yourself in a journey to find Korea’s beauty and uniqueness in Lifestyle Korean Roadshow at Berjaya Times Square this weekend!

CnE Global Sdn Bhd is gonna host this Korean Lifestyle Roadshow (Which I know it’s gonna be the awesome one this year!). They will introduce its presence by sharing a wider range of Korean's latest beauty and lifestyle trends, food and beverage products.

The reason this event is being held is to create awareness and exposure to Korean culture, lifestyle, beauty trend as well as cuisine. Don't be surprised if you get different input on Korean culture in this event, which you haven't explored yet. The more information you get, the more you broadened your mind. 

Indeed, last year’s event was totally a success and they were so glad to receive a tremendous response. I bet this roadshow will be even better this time around!

If you're planning on visiting South Korea or you plan to further your graduate studies in this pretty awesome country, this is definitely a right place for you to gain more knowledge and insight on South’ Korea’s people and tradition.

On top of that, you’re gonna enjoy the food, art, entertainment and performance too! If you're a student, please bring your weapon (student card) along and flash it at their information counter to receive K-Gifts! So hurry up while stocks last.

Oh yeah! Don’t forget to bring your family too for free Korean street-food tasting, Korean snacks and beauty product sampling, traditional cultural and art workshops, lucky draws as well as competitions.

What else is there? There will be K-Pop dance and performances, Korean name calligraphy discovery and a free Hanbok (traditional clothes) trial session. Make sure you don't miss out any of these! 

If you have anything to ask about this event, you can directly call them at +603 6203 3663 or visit their Facebook page to receive more information and become a fan. Remember our date this 6 and 7 August from 10 am – 10 pm! See you there!


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