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ALBA. Dream of The Future

ALBA's 2016 Spring/ Summer collection is led by its signature SignA series that takes watch-making to astounding new heights.

Embracing the concept of "dream of the future", the new chronograph series is a masterpiece of intelligence, evoking a strong sense of futurism that is at once technologically advanced and elegant. 

Every design detail and feature combines technical excellence with eye-catching aesthetic to depict innovation innovation, precision and style. 

Creating a robust masculine profile that is bold and brazen, the new SignA design features a large diameter metal case inscribed with 3D numerical on the bezel encased with an integral outer plastic cover.

The specially crafted carbon texture dial augmented by an exquisitely arrayed metallic sub-dials and over-sized crowns buttons all contribute to its futuristic outlook and dynamic intelligence. 

For the style conscious, sports aspiring modernist or the outright adventurer, this high performance, all condition chronograph timepiece is meant to follow you anywhere with definite trustworthiness and flamboyance.   

Shaheizy Sam, the winner of multiple acting awards in the local and regional frontiers, has been appointed as ALBA brand ambassador and spokesperson for Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore for the second consecutive year!

He is also known for his good image as well as his quality characteristic; Diligence, Professional, Energetic, Versatile which in line with ALBA brand. No wonder ALBA decided to renew partnership for another year! 

On top of that, he brings his charm and delightful aura to the ALBA brand that stands for being in time, in style and inspired. 

His astounding talent, sense of style, and friendly personality absolutely inspires today's new generation of young and vibrant. 

There is an exciting contest too. Guys, here's one for you; ALBA SignA Spring Summer 2016 Contest! This contest opens to all Malaysians and non-Malaysian residing in Malaysia only. It runs from August, 1 and ends on August, 31. Don't forget to like their Facebook page and answer simple questions and who knows this ALBA SignA Spring Summer 2016 could be yours!

Click here to join okay!


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