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New fashion for Eid splurges

It’s hard to believe that the Holy month of Ramadhan is just around the corner! As always, when it comes to Eid-Ul-Fitr season, women are constantly in a dilemma on what to wear for that meaningful day! 

Coffee Toffee Stalls

What do you see in coffee? I see it as something that can solve everything. What will happen without it? I suddenly remembered one of the scene in The Proposal film starred by Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds where the main character, Andrew raspingly picks up some coffee and before he rushes into the office, you’ll see the view of the long queue line filled with many people just for coffee! It shows that coffee has become a major part of our daily rituals. It feels like dying if we don't have a cup of coffee. With just the smell of coffee alone, could be enough to wake us up in the morning. As in Malaysia, Ipoh, Perak is known for its cool coffee. People even call Ipoh as a coffee town as many coffee shops are originated from Ipoh. Back then we’ve introduced with the new wave of coffee. We know that you get exasperated at how expensive coffee has become. But now, you don't have to go to a fancy coffee shop for good coffee because you got it all in these list of best

An Eid Breath of Vintage Air in Sunway Putra Mall

I heard that Sunway Putra Mall transfers itself into vintage as the new theme for this eid! To those who love vintage so much. I know that this is gonna be super exciting for you because you know what?! Sunway Putra Mall will bring you back in time to the 60s era Inspired by pop culture! You must be very eager to see the decoration that inspired from Volkswagen Beetle car, vinyl records and old film posters too! It’s all classy and classic. You’re not just gonna be shopping for Mubarak Eid preparations here, but you’re gonna be enjoying the amazing performances and activities too! It’s undeniable that Sunway Putra Mall knows how to surprise and delight its shoppers. The mall has also set up two Raya bazaars where you can indulge yourself with its fabulous bargains galore and you’ve got so many wonderful choices for you to decide! From fashion stuff to household goods. Ahha, good foods are there too! Be careful, the foods can be very seductive! Are you P. Ram

The Jubilation of “Fashion Raya” in Setapak Central.

For this year, Setapak Central Mall had launched a campaign called "Fashion Raya" or Eid Fashion that promoted a trendy look with a unique combination of classical and modern style. The campaign started from June 16 until July 16, 2016. There are many interesting activities together with attractive price offer, which had successfully attracted many visitors to Setapak Central Mall. Yeah! I know some of you have been very lucky to win great prizes by participating in these contests throughout this campaign right! Just so you know, the campaign was launched on June 18, 2016, which was officiated by YB Dato. Dr Tan Kee Kwong, Assemblyman of Wangsa Maju. The lead singer of Magistrates, Akim Ahmad was there too! He has conducted the most mind - blowing meet and greets with fans. You should’ve seen his pretty awesome performance, everybody was blown away by his voice! Akim has sung two of his popular songs accompanied by an acoustic guitar from one of the Magi