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Rasa Utara Serves Traditional Iftar Ramadhan

When it comes to real food, traditional Malay is the number one food choice for Malaysian. Traditional Malay food is always a premium.
At Rasa Utara restaurant, you can taste the deliciousness of the traditional Malay dishes all under one roof!
It’s great to know that Rasa Utara will hold a promotion of “special limited edition” dishes just for you in conjunction with this coming month of Ramadhan 2016.
The selection of traditional Malay dishes are so varied and delicious!
It’s obviously dishes like ayam percik, kari kambing, ayam tandoori and ikan kembung bakar with a side of fragrant white rice, telur dadar, papadom, sambal belacan and kacang panjang masak lemak will surely make your mouth water!
Rasa Utara

The food list doesn’t stop there, Malaysian kuih also come in many varieties such as curry puff, kuih ketayap and kuih seri muka and it’s all a free flow! As for beverages, there will be three options of drinks that will be served as free flow too throughout the promotion period. It’s all just for you!
The best thing is the free flow selection will come differently in menu for variety’s sake (So there is such great variety of choices in here and it is definitely hard to get bored of the food.)
The restaurant’s daily menu will also be available during the Ramadhan month, where you can opt to dig to its hot and bestsellers dishes like ayam goreng cili lagenda, ayam rendang utara, or the udang sambal petai, a la carte as part of a set, with rice and condiments.
Rasa Utara will also run a special Berbuka Puasa Early Bird Promotion discount from now until June 6 at all Rasa Utara outlets.
There’s more! You will also able to enjoy 20% off from the total bill. Ahha… but it’s limited to dine in only, upon a reservation made with a 50% deposit being paid upfront with food pre-ordered.
Rasa Utara
If you don’t take this opportunity, you’ll only get 10% discount off out of the total bill that comes with reservation, pre-order as well as payment be made from 10am to 5pm daily during the Ramadhan month.
Rasa Utara definitely understand that food plays a big role in celebrating Ramadhan. So what are you waiting for guys?!
Rasa Utara Berjaya Times Square
Rasa Utara Berjaya Times Square
Rasa Utara Mid Valley
Rasa Utara Mid Valley


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