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Luxury Lingerie

Have you been in a situation where your lingerie has been stolen by your sisters and you've got nothing to wear? Or maybe you're in emergency for honeymoon? Not to forget that Eid Mubarak is also around the corner and as for most women, they only prepare new clothes but forgetting to prepare some new lingerie as well. Girls! It's time for you to add new life to your lingerie drawers okay? A new life! This June, Lot 10 is having their lingerie big sale!

Isetan Sale
We know that you're gonna be so grateful that these luxurious and notable lingerie brands like Triumph, Wacoal and Sorella will finally be on sale!
TriumphWacoal Lingerie
Sorella Collection
The sale will shake you off on this June 6 up to June 19. Don't forget to lock your date and get ready to attack Lot 10!
La Senza Sale
If you're one of the La Senza fans, you're gonna be like Oh My God! When you know this; Recently, La Senza Malaysia was having their Semi Annual Clearance Sale. The best thing is they provided some very special deals and discount up to 80%! (when you BUY 3 items and above on bras, clothing and many more). Don’t be sad because there’ll be more great sale after this. Don't ever miss this chance girls! Crash the La Senza store near you right after sale begins!
La Senza Big Sale
Ahha, don’t forget to apply their Prestige VIP Privileges too!
La Senza Privilege Card
By joining their Prestige VIP Privileges, you will get to enjoy benefits like:
  •  Additional 10% OFF your purchase for a whole year!
  • 30% OFF on your Birthday Month.
  • FREE Bra (valued up to RM169) with RM350 nett purchase.
  • FREE 2 panties (valued up to RM69 each) with purchase of any 2 regular priced bras.
  • FREE Cotton Panty (valued up to RM39) with purchase of normal panty bundle.
  • FREE Gift of Choice (valued up to RM89) with RM250 nett purchase.
Okay, you can scream and shout now.
If you're a student, then lucky you! Because La Senza is always on sale for you. All you need to do is just flash your secret weapon; Student ID (Make sure it's a valid one, okay?) as well as your Prestige Card and voila!
Of course with this well-known and luxurious lingerie like La Senza, they only give you their limited designs and it depends on the quantity available, while stock last too. But so what, it's better to have it rather than nothing!
P/S: Always remember that happiness starts on the 'inside'. The 'inner' you. Never take lingerie for granted.



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