Drink Dairy Stay Healthy

Do you know that research shows that Malaysians only drink milk once in two weeks or a month? It shows that how significant this World Milk Day celebration for Malaysians in order to educate on the importance and benefits of milk consumption in daily lives.

Recently, Dutch Lady Milk Industries Bhd. (Dutch Lady) has launched 'Dutch Lady Milk Day' in conjunction with the World Milk Day in a shopping center, The Curve, Mutiara Damansara as an effort to spread the benefits of drinking milk as well as to spread the awareness of milk consumption in the diet of each individual regardless of age.

FYI, this is not their first time holding this event in this The Curve shopping centre (which you can expect and join this same exact event for next year!).
In the event, Dutch Lady was accompanied by ERA FM Radio, Mix FM, Hitz FM and MY FM in a convoy tour where a total of 50,000 packs of milk has been distributed to 30 stops across the country. For free!

This event also exposes parents to set a good example for their children to drink milk even though they do not like milk. Milk intake in the daily diet is very important for children as milk is rich in protein and calcium which important for their growth process and brain development.

Milk is absolutely one of the world’s most ‘complete’ and balanced food as it contains many important nutrients for your body. So, let’s go and get a tall glass of milk and take advantage of milk's amazing benefits together!


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