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Feel the Feast in Pullman KLCC

You are thinking about iftar in Kuala Lumpur? Uhhh. I can see that you’re having all these criteria urbane, worldly-wise, experienced, cultivated, sophisticated, elegant, and glamorous in you. I would, without a doubt suggest you to have iftar at Pullman KLCC. Because you know why? Many of the menu options will be prepared traditionally this year, with a modern twist yet emphasizing the uniqueness of Pullman which definitely suit with your personality. Since Pullman KLCC has introduced the Buka Puasa Feast to behold at Eccucino Restaurant this June 6 to July 5 in conjunction with the festive occasion, why don’t you plan for an iftar gathering and reunion? I know that some of you might wanna plan to gather with your ex-schoolmates, whom you haven’t met for a century! So Pullman KLCC is absolutely an accurate place for you to gather. Talk about price, it only costs you at RM 150 per head for a minimum of 50 people, you can absolutely choose among a variety selection of menus!

The Big Bang Promotion in Manhanttan Fish Market

If you’re looking for a place for you to be together-gether with your family in this holy month of Ramadhan, Manhattan Fish Market is the right one! There’s Ramadan special offer and promotions in here too! The Big Bang Family Platters gives delectable choices of different meats and sides for your family and friends to enjoy it together. With the starting price from just RM63.94 ( Don’t worry, GST is included. ) who would refuse to give it a try? The price is so much worth with its size!

The Joy in Faith

NU Sentral proudly presents its very own beautifully architectural masterpiece. Once you step into Nu Sentral, you’ll be mesmerized with its amazing design of building with a series of structures where it has been constructed in the flower shape!  It’s all attached with five petals holding up five lanterns as part of the stage backdrop design.   The amazing thing is, the construction is a signifier of five essential pillars of the Islamic faith; the profession of faith, daily prayers, alms giving, fasting during Ramadhan as well as pilgrimage to Mecca. Nu Sentral took this opportunity to express of the Muslim faith with the delightful spirit of Mubarak.

Spalicious Special

You’re a career woman? Or a supermom who juggles full-time job with a family life? We totally understand that you’ve been through a tiring daily work routine till it triggers stress, stress, and more stress to you. Let us reveal you a secret. A fantastic way to exuviate those layers of stress in you is by spending a few moments alone at a spa retreat. Spa definitely is a place where you can relax while being served with beauty treatment for rejuvenating your body and mind inside and out. So, we pick the spa in malls so you can make it a double excitement – shop and spa. These two are absolutely can release the stress out of you.  There are many spas options in KL’s malls for you to choose from!   My Beauty Cottage @ One Utama Shopping Centre Some of you might be too paranoid with chemical products due to the undesired harmful effect resulting from it [ Ughh! Can’t imagine the terrible pain you feel when your skin turns red or blotchy]  which we understand why you freak the hel

Luxury Lingerie

Have you been in a situation where your lingerie has been stolen by your sisters and you've got nothing to wear? Or maybe you're in emergency for honeymoon? Not to forget that Eid Mubarak is also around the corner and as for most women, they only prepare new clothes but forgetting to prepare some new lingerie as well. Girls! It's time for you to add new life to your lingerie drawers okay? A new life! This June,  Lot 10  is having their lingerie big sale!

Drink Dairy Stay Healthy

Do you know that research shows that Malaysians only drink milk once in two weeks or a month? It shows that how significant this World Milk Day celebration for Malaysians in order to educate on the importance and benefits of milk consumption in daily lives.

Stop! It's Prayers Time

Holy month of Ramadhan has finally come and many Muslims have thought of doing some early preparation for Eid al-Fitr till they forget their prayer times. Some of you might not know the location of prayer rooms in malls. Trust me, your shopping experience can be filled with joy and fun if you stop shopping for a while and pray. There are many prayer rooms that have been set up, just for you at all the malls of Kuala Lumpur. So check these out!